title-The Reception


Limousine arriving at reception.

Ana is helped from the limousine.


Couple arrives at reception.

Natalia and Eric arrive at the reception.



A couple await the beginning of the reception.

Natalie and Taylor


Mother and son.

Tristan and Raquel


First Dance

Proud parents watch Eric and Natalia's first dance.



The wedding party watch the first dance. Bridesmaids: Nicole, Brittney, Sydney and Sophia.


Dinner at the head table.

Dinner at the head table. Natalia, Eric, Anthony, Ikaika (hidden) Ron and Scott.





The celebrants demand a kiss.



The groomsmen raise their mugs, personally etched by Ana.


Hans makes remarks.

Hans makes remarks and thanks those who put the celebration together.


Bride and father dance.

Father and daughter dance.


Ana and Sophia

Ana and Sophia start to relax.



Phillip and Brittney dance.

Phillip and daughter, Brittney, dance.


Hans and daughters dance.

Hans and daughters dance.



Cutting the cake.

Ready to cut the cake.


Photography of the action.

Photography of the action.



Blame game.

Blame game.


Ana and Hans watch the blame game.

Ana and Hans watch the game.


Cake is served.

The wedding cake is served; layers of chocolate, and vanilla with raspberry filling.


Dance 1

With dinner done, the dancing begins in earnest.


Don leads a conga line.

Don and Heidy lead the Conga Line.


Virginia and Octavio dance

Virginia and Octavio enjoy a dance.


Removing the garter.

And Eric enjoys removing the garter.


Natalia tosses the boquet.

Natalia tosses the bouquet.


The boquet is caught.

And the bouquet. is caught by Natalia's friend, Lalli.


Heidi Dancing

An appropriate ending to the tale is this image of Heidy, celebrating what is indeed a milestone in the lives of two people.


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