title- Wedding Ceremony


Bridesmaid gets ready.

Bridesmaid Nichole, more than a little bit pregnant and husband Chris wait for the ceremony to begin.


Pat and Don await the ceremony.

Don and Pat relax in the elegant lobby of Holy Apostles Catholic Church.


The church altar.

Patsy and Kathy are seated for the ceremony.


Grandparents of the bride.

Heidy, Octavio and Virginia walk to their seats.


Parents of thre groom.

Phillip and Julie walk to the front.



Mother of the bride.

Ana is escorted to her seat.


Father MacMillan

Father MacMillan proceeds down the aisle.



Mr. and Mrs Eric Stone are presented.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stone are presented.


Leaving the church.

Phillip and Julie form the reception line. Bridesmaid, Brittney, talks with her mother.


Leaving 2

Ana passes out streamers to salute the couple.


Leaving 3

The couple emerges from the church.


Leaving 4

Celebrating the new couple.


Leaving 5

All over but the shouting.


Natalia with the photographer.

Natalia is congratulated by her photographer.


Natalia with her mother.

Daughter and Mother exchange first words after the ceremony.