title- A Boise Wedding of Eric and Natalia

We met Ana in the mid-90s, when her daughter and our son were learning figure skating from the same coach. Before long, their coach made them pair partners, and we found ourselves, in the wee hours of the morning, gulping coffee and trying to be coherent as the kids learned to do amazing things on the ice. Our families were soon traveling together to competitions. We got to know one another better, and we began hearing of a guy named Hans, an ice cream engineer, who was wooing Ana and her whole family by bringing samples home after work. It was our joy to witness their marriage in the East Bay of San Francisco, and we have followed their lives ever since. Our son died about ten years later, and it was Hans and Ana who stood with us and helped us to start down the path of healing.

Ana's youngest daughter, Natalia, was always a sweetheart, and it was fun watching from a distance as she got her education and made various career choices. I had the privilege of mentoring her a bit when she decided to spend a year teaching in Asia. She moved back to Boise, Idaho, and even when the rest of the family was taken away by career, she settled in a place she loved. About a year ago, we began hearing of a guy named Eric, mostly on Natalia's facebook. When Ana started posting clips of Eric on her facebook, it became clear that something real was taking place.

So, an invitation to Eric and Natalia's wedding was not just good news, it was for us a very high priority. The following is a series of mostly candid photographs of the wedding. These are not the formal pictures, just shots of things that caught my eye.


title- boise

Idaho Capital Building

The Idaho State Capital building is the anchoring feature of old downtown of Boise.


Boise is the largest city in Idaho, and developed as the crossroads of east-west highway 20 and north south highway 55. It grew up supporting the surrounding agriculture and mining industries, and had a utilitarian focus, providing the essential needs of a thin population spread over a large area. A drive along highway 20 today, still leaves the impression of an architecture that is simple and functional, with buildings that had gravel parking lots until a decade or so ago, and a county fairground that still resonates with the crafts and husbanding of people who have learned to make something out of arid land.

In the last two decades, Boise has been "discovered." Its persistently blue sky, clean dry air, recreation and affordable lifestyle have drawn young and old from across the country. Old Boise is now surrounded by planned communities, strip malls and industrial parks stretching way beyond its city limits. Schools are good and traffic is still reasonable, invariably eliciting upbeat responses from those who live here.


A Boise cafe

Downtown Boise is walkable, with many eateries and shops.


An outdoor court neat the capital.

This courtyard is just a block from the Capital Building.



Highway 55

Highway 55 has a better coat of pavement, and passing lanes, but its scenery has not changed.


title- Rehersal Dinner


Hans welcomes guests to the rehersal dinner.

Hans welcomes out of town guests Ivan and Vickie, their daughter Nicole (bridesmaid) and her husband Chris. Nicole and Natalia were college roomates and Natalia was Nicole's Maid of Honor five years ago.


Pat with Octavio

Pat catches up with Octavio, the bride's grandfather, after not seeing him for many years.



Grandmother Virginia and Sylvia, Han's sister, catch up.


Sophia shows Pat the photo guestbook.

Sophia, sister of the bride, shows Pat the photo guest book.



A whole lot of talking going on.

A whole lot of talking going on: Kathy, Pat and Patsy. Kathy and Patsy are long time friends of the bride's family, from Southern California.


Sophia with friends.

Sophia shares the sofa with paternal grandparents, Heidy and Kurt. Beth is a long time friend of Ana's, and Justin is a nephew, with his son, Jaoquin.


Sofia kisses Grandpa Kurt.

Spontaneous emotion.


Virginia and Pat talk.

Virginia and Patsy, long time friends.


Eric with Grandfather Kurt.

Eric reaches out to his new grandfather.



Hayward couple

Amela and Stan talk with Natalia. Amela and Natalia were roomates at Cal State Hayward.


Leda and others

Justin and Karem are Ana's nephew and niece. Karem is from Peru and lives with Kurt and Heidy.



Hans gives a welcome to the group.

Hans gives a warm welcome to the group. On the right is Eric, the groom.


Ana, the mother of the bride (center), speaks from the heart about how Eric came into the family.


The group responds.

Responding warmly to Ana's words are Kurt Jr. (Han's brother) holding grandson Jaoquin, his wife, Valerie, while Midge laughs. In the back is Raquel (wife of groomsman Scott), Stan and Amela.


Aunt Leda shares her heart.

Aunt Leda speaks affectionately to Natalia.


Grandma Heidie Talks

Grandma Heidy shares some insight with the couple.


Natalia and Eric listen.

Natalia and Eric, listening to Grandma Heidy.


Final fling.

Ana and her mother, Virginia, and Beth.


Hans and

Hans and Ivan


Guys Talking

Stan, from Sunnyvale, CA, and Sean, husband to bridesmaid Sydney.



More guys talking

Groomsmen Ron and Anthony came from Marysville, WA and Houston respectively. Brady and Trevre, Kathy's sons, came from Anaheim Hills, CA. The conversation, almost certainly, centered around high end video gaming.



Father and mother of the groom, Phil and Julie, take a selfie with Karen, Julie's sister. Brittney, the groom's sister and bridesmaid, looks on.


Eric showing fatigue.

Eric, with Scott (groomsman) and Scott's wife, Raquel, betrays a bit of fatigue.