With a clan of 20 people in a small town, birthdays come often, but they provide the excuse we need to get together and celebrate. In this case it was birthdays for Ed and Carol. On a blustery February, we met at Ed and Dorothys' house to have cake, munchies and to play a few games. Here are the photos.


A hug.

Jen and Carol exchange a hug.


Another hug.

Opa gets a hug.


Kori and Pat


Kori shares a slightly used cracker.




Brother and sister exchange a warm greeting. Kori watches carefully how it is done.


Happy Birthday song.


A subdued rendition of "Happy Birthday."


Blowing out candles.


Ed and Carol exhale deeply over the cake.



Leah dropping blocks.

Leah dropping clothes pins.


Cody dropping pins.

Multiple coaches ensure general confusion.


Rob dropping pins.


Rob tests the rules.


Dorothy and Steve have a moment.


Mother and son take a moment.



Playing with blocks.

The playing of blocks continuesl


Kori in Oppa's shoes.

Oppa's shoes feel so good.


Ed opens a gift.


Nothing says "I love you," like Black and Decker.



Kori in a bucket.

Kori in a bucket.


Kathi cleaning up.

Pretty in paper.


Zach plays the recorder.


Zach plays the final serenade.


The End



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