Jon, Jen and Phoebe

Jon and Jen check out baby Phoebe, just six days old.

Here are photos of our March, 2014, birthday party, celebrating: Rob and Kathi, Michelle, JJ, Jen and the new arrival, Phoebe Grace. Despite a forecast for rain, we had a sunny afternoon and comfortable temperatures. After horsd'oeuvres, we started the party with an intense game of "Dunk the Poodle." This was followed by an outdoor treasure hunt, with the team of Cody, Michelle and Kori competing against Zach, Chase and Leah. The two teams raced through the nine clues at high tempo, and soon the treasure, of personal sunglasses, was awarded.

Cake and ice cream finished the formal festivities, but the pleasant afternoon made for a lingering visit into the evening.


Jon and Phoebe

Phoebe slept without whimper through most of the party.


Rob, Chase and Mish

Rob, Chase and Michelle discuss ethnic collusion and its mitigating effects to a democratic solution in the Ukraine.


Steve and JJ

Meanwhile, Steve is astonished, just why, we may never know.


Steve, Tammy and Marty

Painful advice, cheerfully given.


Poodle Dunk game

Requiring dexterity and cunning, "Dunk the Poodle" is the riveting game for any party.


Chase, JJ and Michele.

Opening gifts.


Jon and his mother, Dorothy.

Passing around a good card.



Kathi and Rob both celebrated birthdays.

Kathi and Rob both celebrated birthdays.


Cake and Ice Cream

And for dessert...



Extreme Cousins