A Ski Trip to Mt. Baker

A deer at Steve and Carol's house.

As I left the house early, I noticed movement to my right, and paused to snap a picture of a deer eating behind Steve and Carol's house.  As I drove up Highway 9, the morning fog was nestled against the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  The Mt. Baker highway was wet, but there was no precipitation.  Approaching the town of Glacier, snow started to appear alongside the road, and by the time I reached the ski area, it was about 12 feet deep beside the road.  

Jon had loaned me his walky-talky,  so I was able to coordinate a rendezvous near the top of one of the lifts.  Jon, Steve and Scott were snowboarding, while I was the lone traditionalist, on skis.  We skied together for a couple of hours, sometimes parting while they worked a challenge course and I did some moguls.   Mt. Baker loomed above us, with overhanging arÍtes, and bluish, crevassed glaciers adding interest.  After lunch we split up and worked on our individual challenges.  

I suppose that it was a normal day of skiing, but as always, it was a day of fresh air, stunning scenery, and a realization on the drive home that hard physical exercise had been the order of the day.


Early fog in the Cascade foothills.


Mt. Baker Highway.




Mt. Baker rose above us.




Jon and Steve getting ready for a run.




Don, Steve, Scott and Jon on the lift.




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