Title Ketchikan

Our final port was Ketchikan. As with the other ports, we arrived in the morning, and the captain did a perfect job of parallel parking between other ships. Ketchikan is located on Revillagigedo Island, the 12th largest island in the United States,


Taku ferry in drydock.

The MV Taku, a ferry for the Alaska Marine Highway, is refurbished in dry dock at the Ketchikan shipyards.


Looking down on Ketchikan

Looking down on downtown Ketchikan from the ship. This tourist part of Ketchikan is completely closed down after the summer cruise ship season.


We explored Ketchikan by foot, using the sights as a way to get some exercise. Creek Street is an easy walk from the docks, and here we got a good bowl of soup noodles at the Chinese restaurant, and explored the little shops that overhung Ketchikan Creek. Walking further south, we visited Totem Heritage Museum, a museum of Native American totems, located in a woodsy park. We took the free tourist bus back to town, and then caught a city bus to explore the northern suburbs of Ketchikan. We changed buses at Walmart, which turns out to be where all the action is, particularly after the cruise ships leave.

With our port visits over, we went back to the ship to enjoy our final day and a half, cruising down the inland passage. The wild life seemed to send us off, with a lot of activity. I scanned the mountain tops with my telescope as we moved out, and I saw what was clearly an animal, sitting on the top of a boulder. At first I thought that it must be a mountain goat, but as we came closer abeam, I realized that it was a huge Golden Eagle. As we moved into more open water south of Pennock Island, the whales were having their evening frolic. Humpbacks and Orcas were seen, but again, with my telescope, moving southward along the eastern edge of the channel, I saw a huge whale moving with slow deliberation, which could only have been a Blue Whale, the largest of the whale species.

Alaska is spectacular, and Alaska cruises certainly touch a portion of that beauty and mass. All cruises come to an end, as did this one, but not without leaving us stimulated, refreshed and with much to remember. Of course, traveling partners impart much, and Pat and I are thankful for the company of Rob and Kathi, Tony and Sylvia and Ed and Dorothy. They made it truly fun.


Luggage awaiting pickup.

Luggage awaiting pick up.


The End