Arriving in Juneau

In the morning, we move down the glassy Gastineau Channel towards Juneau.

Through the night, the ship moved leisurely southward, and in the morning we pulled into Juneau. This sea locked city is the capital of Alaska, home to a thriving fishing industry, and a tourist center in the summer. With a population of about 32,000 people, it is the second largest city in Alaska by population. It is the second largest city in the United States by land area, having a land area almost as large as Rhode Island and Delaware combined. It sits against steep mountains which rise to about 4,000'. These mountains contain the Juneau Ice Field, which supports nearly 30 glaciers. North of the city, the Mendenhall Glacier is easily accessible.


Approaching Juneau

Juneau suburbs reflect light from the long summer sun.


Diamond Princess leaving.

The Diamond Princess leaves Juneau as we approach the dock.


Docking in Juneu

Pulling into the dock, heaving the line and securing to the stanchion.


Swimming in the Mendenhall glacier

Alaska, where men are men, and women swim in the Mendenhall Glacier.


Mendenhall Glacier.

The Mendenhall Glacier with its waterfall. This is part of the National Park System and may be reached by a short bus ride from Juneau.


Rob and Kathi in front of the waterfall.

Rob and Kathi enjoy the waterfall, which is snow melt from the Juneau Ice Field.


Juneau Street

After lunch we did a hike up a valley behind town to the Flume Trail. This is a covered wooden water conduit, the flat surface of which serves as a trail.


Onion dome house.

Looking west across the Gastineau Channel. Onion dome architecture reflects Russia's early possession of Alaska.


House with kayak.

Houses have unique character to accommodate steep lots. A kayak is secured to a sheltered spot.

Shooting sign.

Juneau backs up to bear country, in fact, bears are seen downtown on occasion.


Flume Trail Map.

A trail map shows the many options for hiking just above town.


Waterfall above Juneau.

Numerous waterfalls plunge down the steep slopes above Juneau.


Flume Creek.

Tony steps across the stones that litter the flume trail where a creek crosses.


The flume trail.

The wooden surface of the water flume makes a beautiful trail.


Flume spill.

Water from the flume spills into a creek, which runs past the state capital.


The Governor's Mansion.

The Governor's Mansion formerly housed Sarah Palin, and is now home to Governor Sean Parnell.


Napping by the pool.

Fresh air and a healthy walk translates into eye candy by the pool.