Cruisting Alaska on Amsterdam


Ready to get away, we took advantage of early season discounts to do an Alaska cruise. Two of our priorities for the trip were to do the inside passage, east of Vancouver Island, and to go to Glacier Bay. Holland America had a one week circuit from Vancouver B.C., which met the requirements.. We invited Ed and Dorothy (sister) to join us, as well as their in-laws, Rob and Kathy. Tony and Sylvia, fellow lap swimmers at the pool, heard about the trip and decided to join the fun.

Weather is an ever present companion in Canada and Alaska, so we were hoping for at least a few good days. It rained steadily right up until the day before departure, but then it stopped raining, and we departed under a very high, thin overcast. The weather would stay that good, or better, the entire trip, except for some early rain and a high overcast in Ketchikan.

Waiting to check-in

Waiting to check-in at Canada Place Convention Center in Vancouver, B.C.
Tony and Sylvia, my wife, Pat, Ed and Dorothy, Rob and Kathy.


Lifeboat drill

Lifeboat drill

Float plane

Float plane climbing out.

Going under Lion's Gate Bridge.

Just through Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver.

First night's menu.

Tony and Sylvia choose from the first night's menu.

Full moon beside Vancouver Island.

A full moon lighted our passage up the east side of Vancouver Island.


Exploring the Promenade Deck.

A walk around the Promenade Deck worked off the dinner and gave some fresh air.


Seymour Narrows.

At midnight we went through the Seymour Narrows, another cruise ship in our wake. This choke point, between Vancouver Island and the Discovery Islands, is 750 meters wide and features strong currents reaching 15 knots. At night, ships generally go only one direction at a time.


Roast Goose

More that once, Ed and I have discussed how he misses the Christmas roast goose which is such a part of German tradition. At lunch, I spied them carving a large bird, and a look at the label confirmed that it was indeed roast goose. I sat down with a generous serving on my plate, and Dorothy was the first to show curiosity. When I told them what it was, they both ran to the buffet to to get their goose and red cabbage.

Looking through the telescope

The inland sea had plenty of wild life.

Hot Tub

Fellow travelers enjoy a lively discourse.


Formal dinner Tony and Sylvia

Our second dinner was the first formal night, here Tony and Sylvia dressed for the occasion.


Formal Ed and Dorothy

Ed and Dorothy, formal.


Formal, Kathi and Rob

Kathi and Rob

Don and Pat, formal

Pat and Don